Parks, Trails, & Recreation Planning & Development

Ridgefield envisions an interconnected community with park, trail, and greenway systems that contribute to the City's small town character, provide a variety of recreation opportunities, and are an integral part of the community.

This Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan considers the park and recreation needs of Ridgefield residents and was prepared with the input and direction of local recreation leaders, stakeholders and residents. The Plan provides a blueprint for the growth, enhancement and management of the Ridgefield park and recreation system and is an update to the 2014 Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan.

As a six-year guide and strategic plan for enhancing park and recreation services, the Plan establishes a path forward for providing high-quality, community-driven parks, trails, natural areas and recreational opportunities across Ridgefield.

Read the 2020 to 2026 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (PDF)

Park Projects

Abrams Park Master Plan

Developing a long term vision for Abrams Park

Boyse Park

Development of a new park on N 32nd Avenue.

Horns Corner Park

Construction of a new park alongside green space adjacent to Acero Ridgefield and Pioneer Village.

Overlook Park Splash Pad

Construction of a ground level water play area in downtown Ridgefield.

Refuge Park

Developing a large community park on S Hillhurst Road adjacent to the entrance to the wildlife refuge.

Skate Park Study

Analysis of how to replace the current skate park, in a new location.

Waterfront Park

The City is teaming up with the Port of Ridgefield to develop a vibrant community park along Lake River.

Trail Projects

This trail project was identified and included in the City of Ridgefield's 2020 Parks Plan and Capital Facilities program as a priority. The project plan is to develop a multi use path along SR 501 (Pioneer Street), from Mayor's Meadow on the southeast corner of Abrams Park to the intersection of Pioneer Street and N Reiman Road. The path will connect to an existing path at N Reiman Road, which leads north to the rapidly expanding residential areas long N Reiman Road.

This project is an opportunity to provide an accessible multi-use path between residential areas and downtown Ridgefield, Union Ridge Elementary School, and the commercial, business, and recreational facilities to the west.

This project is currently pending funding approval via WSDOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Program Grant.

Project Timeline:

Ridgefield envisions an interconnected trail system that encourages healthy, active living, promotes pedestrian transportation options and independent mobility, increases community safety, reduces environmental impact, and supports greater social interaction and community identity. Pedestrian and trail improvements are a critical step to meeting this goal. However, areas of the city that developed prior to current pedestrian standards have created gaps in the city's network. 

Project Location Map:

Mayors Meadow Multiuse Trail Project Area Map