City Council Goals

Vision Statement 

Connecting our historic past with a healthy future where people, nature, and business flourish together.

Mission Statement

Committed to providing the community with superior services, building on the proud history, and meeting the challenges that shape our future.


Council has adopted seven organizational goals that provide direction for staff and policy decisions to continue to better serve residents.

Goal Number 1 : Plan and Manage the Growth of the City

The City should prepare for, plan, and manage the expected growth and its impacts - so that Ridgefield is recognized for its livability, natural environment, and innovative local economy.

Goal Number 2: Revitalize Downtown as a Destination Location

Create a vibrant downtown destination location that provides quality merchandise, service, and activities within an ambience that is unique to Ridgefield and not readily available elsewhere including a walkable downtown, small town character and regularly scheduled social events.

Goal Number 3: Create and Maintain Economic Stability for the City

Provide for a "complete community" where people can live, work, shop, and play. Build a robust economy that provides a wealth of living wage employment opportunities for residents.

Goal Number 4: Assure the City's infrastructure is able to Meet Growing Community Needs

Plan for, manage and maintain the City's infrastructure (access, streets, water/sewer, etc.), schools, transportation, and City services to meet the population and business growth.

Goal Number 5: Retain Culture and History of Ridgefield

Build upon the City's friendly inviting small-town atmosphere, existence, and appearance of historic elements of the community, walkable main streets, and animated storefronts by preserving and enhancing them in a way that recovers, uncovers, and celebrates its history.

Goal Number 6: Maximize the City's Natural Resources and Attractions

Integrate the area's natural resources such as the Wildlife Refuge, archeological resources, waterfront area, the Lewis and Clark and Native American connections and the building environments. Maintain a healthy environment with abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation and public access to the waterfront; and promote Ridgefield as a place to visit for outdoor recreation and appreciation of the area's natural assets.

Goal Number 7: Actively Engage and Communicate with the Ridgefield Community

Create a community where the City works collaboratively with and listens to residents, organizations, and businesses to develop meaningful solutions to complex issues, realize sustainable visions for the City's future and increase the capacity of the community to do something better by ensuring an open and accountable government, providing timely information on issues that impact the community and offering continuous public engagement opportunities.