Roundabout Commission


Roundabout Commission does not have a regular meeting schedule. The commission meets when necessary.

Recruitment Open

The City of Ridgefield is seeking dynamic and self-motivated volunteers for positions on the new Roundabout Commission. Learn more and apply.


PositionMemberTerm Expires
1VACANT - Recruitment OpenDecember 31, 2025
2VACANT - Recruitment OpenDecember 31, 2024
3VACANT - Recruitment OpenDecember 31, 2025
4VACANT - Recruitment OpenDecember 31, 2024
5VACANT - Recruitment OpenDecember 31, 2025


The Roundabout Commission is comprised of five volunteer citizens who recommend roundabout center island design concepts to City Council for roundabouts within the current and future city limits of Ridgefield. Eligible members must reside within the Ridgefield City Limits. 

If you have questions about the Roundabout Committee please contact the Public Works Department, 360-887-8251.