Lee Wells

City Council
Title: Councilor
Head and shoulder portrait of Councilor Lee Wells

Position 3
Term expires: 2023

Mr. Wells has been in the community over 60 years. He, along with his wife and their five children, is a graduate of Ridgefield High School. To date, he has had nine grandchildren in the Ridgefield school system. Mr. Wells retired from Columbia River Log Scaling and Grading Bureau after 44 years of service. He was President of Ridgefield Junction Neighborhood Association for six years and Legislative Director for Clark/Cowlitz Farm Bureau for six years. Mr. Wells has made several trips to Washington DC to discuss estate taxes, wildlife management and other community concerns. He and his wife, Geri, continue to run the family farm they bought in 1972. Mr. Wells is honored to have served as a Ridgefield City Council member since 2008.


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