Clyde Burkle

City Council
Title: Councilor
Head and shoulders portrait of Councilor Clyde Burkle

Position 2
Term expires: 2023

Clyde Burkle has lived in Ridgefield for 19 years. Burkle has served on the Civil Service Commission, Salary Commission, and Budget Review Board. He is a member of the Ridgefield Lions Club and helped found the Ridgefield Food Project (Green Bag Project). Burkle was also recently a finalist for the inaugural Make A Difference Award. His favorite place to spend time is Downtown Ridgefield, and he enjoys walking the waterfront trail to the Refuge, then back to Downtown along Main Ave. Prior to moving to Ridgefield, Burkle spent 42 years in management with the Kmart Corporation.

Burkle was appointed due to vacancy on the Council May, 2023, and will sit for election to retain his seat 2023.


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