Building & Permitting Services

Welcome to Building and Permitting Services, a division of Community Development. 

The City of Ridgefield is committed to providing a modern and efficient process for receiving, reviewing, and issuing building, land use, and engineering permits. 

Apply - Permit & Development Portal

During the permit process, projects are Reviewed for Compliance with:

Getting Started with Online Permitting

View for clear, printable instructions (PDF).

Step 1: Sign up for a portal account on the City of Ridgefield Permit and Development Portal (you will receive an email confirmation with your access code)

  • After logging in, go to My Account from the dropdown next to your name to manage your email (PDF) and notification preferences.

Step 2: Apply for your permit.

Step 3: Follow the process, pay and issue your permits online when ready.

Step 4: Schedule inspections (PDF).