Multi-Modal Transportation

Ridgefield is a place where walking and cycling can be part of everyday life.

Opportunities exist for residents and visitors to safely and efficiently walk, bicycle, or use a golf cart for both transportation and recreation. Improvements to city streets, sidewalks, and trails will encourage trips by foot, bicycle, golf cart, transit, reduce traffic congestion and parking demand, and normalize less frequent travel modes as viable, safe, convenient enjoyable and healthy.

The Ridgefield Multimodal plan is intended to guide the development of local transportation projects as a part of a larger multimodal transportation system, ensure that residents and visitors of all ages and abilities are able to travel around the city with a variety of transportation options in a safe and convenient manner, and sufficiently accommodate anticipated long-term growth.

This plan serves as the blueprint for the City to develop this multimodal system in a coordinated, systematic way over time.

Read the Multimodal Transportation Plan (PDF)


A comprehensive and interconnected transportation system that allows safe, convenient, and accessible travel by all roadway users, regardless of age, physical ability, or travel mode, and that strengthens Ridgefield's role as a regional economic center, reinforces the quality and character of Ridgefield's neighborhoods and the downtown area, protects its critical environmental resources, and that is aligned with the growth management efforts of the City and region.

Walking Trails

Ridgefield envisions an interconnected community with park, trail, and greenway system that contributes to the City's small town character, provides a variety of recreation opportunities, and is an integral part of the community. The Ridgefield City Council has committed to adding 1 mile of trail to the City's trail system per year. Walking trails connect parks, schools, and neighborhoods to downtown, and other parks and neighborhoods. A list of trails can be found on our Find a Park page.


Sidewalks are an integral part of the Ridgefield Multimodal plan. Sidewalks provide for safe walking along streets that connect trail systems to one another.

Bicycle Paths

Bicycle trails and paths are an integral part of a Multimodal system. As an alternative to vehicle travel, bicycles provide an efficient mode of transportation. Safe bicycle paths along roads and bicycle trails can connect neighborhoods to necessary services and lessen overall vehicle traffic.

Golf Cart Zone

As part of the Multi Modal Plan, the City of Ridgefield has designated a Golf Cart Zone on all streets, including SR 501, within the corporate limits of the City of Ridgefield, which have a speed limit of 25 mph or less. Golf carts may travel on all portions of the public streets and rights-of-way located within the Golf Cart Zone having a speed limit of twenty-five miles per hour or less. Golf Carts may not travel on city sidewalks or designated bicycle lanes.

Golf Cart Use is regulated and vehicles must be registered. Please call the Ridgefield Police Department at 360-887-3556 to register your golf cart.

RMC 10.18