Water Service

The Water Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of water production, storage and delivery facilities.

Examples of typical duties in the water division include:

Customer calls for service

  • Leak repairs
  • Meter reading
  • Preventative programs
  • Reservoir and pump station inspections
  • Well pump checks
  • Water quality tests

Water Service Stats

  • The average Ridgefield family uses 200 gallons of water a day. However, peak use can exceed 500 gallons a day due to irrigation use.
  • The City of Ridgefield currently has 5 wells at Abrams Park and a 6th well located on 56th Place
  • Water is stored in 3 reservoirs with a combined storage capacity of 2 million gallons.
  • There are approximately 62 miles of distribution lines.

Water Quality

The City of Ridgefield water distribution system consists of approximately 62 miles of distribution lines, one 600,000 gallon reservoir, one 400,000 gallon reservoir, and a 1.0 million gallon reservoir. The City’s water system also includes treatment facilities to chlorinate the water, and a filter plant for removal of minerals. A key to maintaining good water quality is effectively managing the water distribution system. It is important for water to remain fresh and retain sufficient chlorine for disinfection. The City strives to keep dead end mains flushed and has a cross-connection control program designed to keep potential contaminants originating in homes and businesses from entering the potable water system.

Problems or Emergencies

To report a non-emergency problem with City of Ridgefield water and drainage services, street, and/or public parks, call Public Works Administration at 360-887-8251 or submit a Public Works Service Request online.

If you are experiencing an emergency water issue outside of business hours, please call (360) 887-6002.

If you are experiencing a disruption in your water service, please call Utility Services at 360-887-3557. If outside of business hours, please leave a voicemail or email utilities@ridgefieldwa.us, your call will be returned during business hours.

Any customer who is disconnected for non-payment shall not be reconnected until payment of all charges and fees outlined in the Notice of Past Due Balance and Disconnection of Service is received, or a payment arrangement has been approved by the Finance Director.

Voluntary Shut-Off

The City can assist you if you have an emergency or need to have your water turned off. If you would like to schedule an appointment to turn off your water, please call the Utility Services at 360-887-3557. Appointments can be made Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. There is a $15.00 fee for this service.

New Water Service

If you would like to determine if your property is eligible for water service within the City, complete and return the Water Availability Request Form in the Permit Center.

If you would like the City to install a water service line, complete the Water Service Line Installation Request Form and submit to the Public Works Department.

If you require a meter for new construction, complete the Meter Install Request Form.

Water Leaks

If your most recent water bill is unusually high, it is possible that you have a water leak. Most water leaks can be seen or heard, though some can be difficult to detect. There are several steps you can take to determine if you have a water leak. Learn more.

If you need assistance locating or repairing your leak, contact a leak detection company, plumber, or sprinkler repair business.

If you have discovered a leak and your water usage is more than double the usage for the previous year during the same billing period, you may apply to an adjustment to your bill. To request a water leak billing adjustment, complete and submit a Leak Adjustment Application.

If you have an emergency water leak after normal business hours and you need to get your water turned off, please call the After Hours Public Works number at (360) 887-6002.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation saves money, preserves wildlife, and ensures there is enough water for all uses.

Backflow and Cross Connection

A cross connection is a point in the system where the potable water supply is connected to a non-potable source. Backflow is the unwanted flow of non-potable substances back into the consumer’s plumbing system and/or public water system (i.e. drinking water). Pollutants or contaminants can enter the safe drinking water system through uncontrolled cross connections when backflow occurs.

For more information about Backflow and Cross Connection, including testing requirements, visit our Backflow webpage.

Water Quality Reports

The City of Ridgefield is pleased to present a summary of the quality of water provided to you each year. This report contains information about your drinking water as required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Ridgefield is proud to inform you that our water quality continues to exceed state and federal standards. We are committed to efficiently provide you with a safe and reliable water supply. Please contact the Public Works Department at (360) 887-8251 if you have any questions about our water quality.

Water Use Efficiency

In 2021, water consumption was 268 gallons per day per ERU compared to 216 gallons per day per ERU in 2020.  The suspected cause of the increase in water consumption per ERU is the unusually hot summer of 2021 coupled with significant development establishing landscape during that period.  We are working towards our goal of 191 gallons per ERU by 2022 and maintaining a distribution system leakage and loss below 10 percent. The City continues to promote conservation rate structures and encourages conservation and smart irrigation usage.