Out of State Plates

Have you recently moved to Ridgefield from another state? You are required to obtain a Washington driver's and vehicle licenses within 30 days to establishing residency on vehicles you own. If you bought a vehicle from out-of-state while living here, you must license it in Washington immediately.

The Ridgefield Police Department is doing their part to monitor out of state licensed vehicles in our city. Have you received a letter from the police department indicating it appears you may need to have a Washington vehicle license on a vehicle you own?

When there is a question involving a tax due on out-of-state licensed company cars used by a Washington Resident to commute to an out-of-state business, email Marc Osborn at the Washington Department of Revenue.

For more information, visit the Department of Revenue website.

Why License in Washington if My Vehicle Is Still Valid in Another State

The services you are receiving right now maintaining the roads you drive on, the schools your kids attend, the law enforcement services you call upon are dependent on these fees and taxes.

The Ridgefield Police Department can answer questions during daytime business hours at 360-887-3556.

What to Do with That RV or Trailer

As Winter approaches, residents decrease their seasonal use of trailers, RVs, campers and boats and prepare them for long-term storage. As a reminder, Ridgefield Municipal Code 10.12.033 allows these type vehicles to be parked on the road for up to two weeks in any given calendar year. The vehicles may not block or obstruct the flow of vehicular traffic. As an example, a resident could park a vehicle of this type at the curb where space allows for one week part of the year and another week later in the year in order to prepare the trailer for traveling, cleaning it out for storage, or to house temporary guests. The two-week restriction is intended to keep neighborhood streets from becoming storage areas for recreational vehicles and trailers. The police department will respond to complaints of trailers and recreational vehicles parked over the allotted time. When owners are not home for contact, a warning will be left on the vehicle. Your Police Department staff tries to take the lowest level of enforcement to gain compliance in these situations and appreciates your help in this effort.

File or Request a Copy of a Vehicle Collision Report

Visit the Washington State Patrol's Collision Records Section to file or request a copy of a collision report.