Long Range Planning

Our planning team works with the community to develop and implement plans and programs to guide future physical and economic development in Ridgefield. The goal of long-range planning is to balance long-term economic, environmental, and livability of the community to be consistent with the state law.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is comprised of seven volunteer citizens who advise the City Council on planning, development, and growth issues for the community. Learn more about Planning Commission.

Planning Inquiries

The Planning Team also provides responsive service to residents and developers seeking to help shape the community planning vision broadly or to learn more about specific development processes and projects. If you have a question regarding planning in Ridgefield please contact the Community Development Department at 360-887-3908

To find information about a specific property please access the Clark County GIS Maps website. At the Clark County Geographic Information System (GIS) page you can search by address or parcel number, and find specific comprehensive plan and zoning information for specific parcels of areas.

Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan envisions a city’s future. It describes a city’s long-term vision for growth, infrastructure, and services. It articulates a series of goals and policies intended to guide the day-to-day decisions of elected officials and staff. Comprehensive Plans continually evolve to address long-term opportunities and challenges. Learn about the Ridgefield Comprehensive Plan.

Sub Area Plans

A sub area plan is a long range plan for a limited geographic area within Ridgefield. Sub area plans have been created for Carty Road, Gee Creek Plateau, The Junction, Royle & Pioneer Crossing, and the Downtown Waterfront District.