Carty Road Sub Area

The Carty Road study area includes approximately 286 acres of land within Ridgefield's urban growth area that borders the southeastern portion of the city limits - southeast of Royle Road and north and northeast of Hillhurst Road. The Carty Road Subarea Plan will include:

  • Visioning - guided by property owner and community input
  • Analysis - of existing natural areas, infrastructure, and market conditions
  • Conceptual planning - that outlines future land use designations, roadways, and utilities to support the vision
  • Adoption - of a subarea plan to guide future development

In Washington State, the Growth Management Act requires cities and counties to manage growth by identifying and protecting critical areas and natural resource lands. As part of the effort to manage growth, cities are required to work with counties to designate urban growth areas and develop comprehensive plans to guide infrastructure investments and developments. A subarea plan is an optional element of a city's comprehensive plan and establishes a vision and planning guidelines for a specific area of the city.

In 2020 the City of Ridgefield worked with property owners and stakeholders within the Carty Road Subarea boundary to create a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) to help guide development of the Carty Road Subarea Plan. The subarea plan established a vision and guiding principles that helped the PAC identify a "preferred alternative plan". While final adoption of the subarea plan was put on hold due to the pandemic, the city is now reengaging stakeholders and beginning the final adoption process.

Ways to Stay Involved

The City values community input on this important project. We hope you will stay involved in the process and share your ideas for the future of the Carty Road area! The City will be working with their consultant, WSP, to schedule upcoming meetings and events which are listed below.

  • Project Advisory Committee Meeting 1 - January 30, 2020
  • Project Advisory Committee Meeting 2 - March 4, 2020
  • Community Open House (PDF) - March 4, 2020
  • Planning Commission Public Hearing (PDF) - August 5, 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing requirements
  • Planning Commission Back to Work Presentation - March 2, 2022
  • City Council Back to Work Presentation - March 10, 2022
  • Project Advisory Committee Meeting - April 19, 2022
  • Planning Commission Public Hearing - June 1, 2022 / 6:30 pm
  • City Council Public Hearing - June 23, 2022 / 6:30 pm
  • City Council Vote on Adoption of the Subarea Plan - July 28, 2022 / 6:30 pm
  • Attend in person at 510 Pioneer Street or online via the Zoom link.


Contact Project Manager, Claire Lust at or 360-857-5024.