Royle & Pioneer Crossing Sub Area

The area known as Royle and Pioneer is centered on the Royle Road (formerly 45th) and Pioneer roundabout situated between Ridgefield's downtown and the I-5 junction.

Royle Road serves as a frontage road connecting south and north Ridgefield. Pioneer serves commuters and visitors heading to and from I-5 and downtown.

The area has seen tremendous residential growth over the last several years and the City anticipates it will become a transition area between residential uses and large scale employment opportunities to the east. 

Current zoning for the area represents a mix of uses - including single / multi-family residential, commercial retail/office and parks/open space zoning. Most of the area is undeveloped. While street and utility infrastructure capacity is generally in place to serve future development, extension of utilities and a more complete street grid plus recreation trail system is envisioned as development occurs.

Guiding Principles

  • Create the opportunity for appropriately scaled and attractive development that is complementary to and adds value to downtown and the junction, consistent with the Ridgefield character.
  • Create a walkable community with multimodal connections within and beyond the area.
  • Offers flexibility to adapt to changing community and market expectations over time.

Supporting Documents