Business Ready

"We've been recognized as one of the safest cities in Washington, as well as the smartest and fastest growing city in the state. Why? Because we are a community with a vision and we're dedicated to excellence."

- Steve Stuart, City Manager

Why Do Business In Ridgefield?

Because in Ridgefield you'll find everything you need to make business and life work.

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In Ridgefield, people take nature, play and community connection as seriously as they take business. They participate in a host of local events and engage in the town's many cultural opportunities. And when the morning sun emerges through the shimmering fog lifting off the water's edge, they revel in the area's beauty. And after work, local's know they can make their kid's T-ball game on time.

With abundant land, a welcoming community offering an attractive escape from the high cost of big city living, proximity to the Portland-Metro area, and a landscape and lifestyle with no equal, Ridgefield is experiencing rapid growth.

Business Ready
Business Park Parking Lot

With this rising tide comes a healthy, growing place amenable to business.

  • Location: On the I-5 corridor, 20 minutes to Portland, Oregon, and 20 minutes to the Portland Airport.
  • Labor Force and Talent: Educated and skilled talent pool with access to ample higher-education opportunities.
  • Affordable: No corporate or personal income taxes and an entry cost that's lower than the Metro-area.
  • Responsive: A professional public-sector that offers a full suite of support services.
  • Pro-Business: A community with a shared vision of excellence that embraces business growth.
  • Fast: Efficient and streamlined permitting process to get your business up and running quickly.
  • Ready: Infrastructure, developable land, and three distinct business hubs available.

Sub Area Map

The Junction
The Junction is a regional employment hub in the heart of the Discovery Corridor. It is a mixed-use destination that provides an attractive gateway to Ridgefield and the Portland-Metro area.

45th and Pioneer Crossing
The best near-term opportunity at this key intersection is for a grocery-anchored retail center near the Pioneer and 45th roundabout. With this concept, sites for commercial use would be possible at the three as yet undeveloped quadrants of The Crossing.

Downtown Waterfront District
The Downtown Waterfront District is nestled at the end of Pioneer Street featuring a vibrant mix of locally-owned businesses in a spectacular natural setting. Here, small-town charm is made magical with the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge as its front door, and the meandering Lake River providing a welcoming avenue for kayaking, fishing, boating, hunting and bird watching.