Investment Ready

"Port and City leadership are proactive and development-minded, not road-blockers."

- Dean Maldonado, Ridgefield Resident and Owner, ADM Development

Why invest in Ridgefield?

Prepared. Proactive. Predictable. Proven. Partners.

Download the Investment Ready Brochure (PDF).

The emerging industrial and commercial real estate markets of Ridgefield are ideal for investors seeking lower market entry costs with superior long-term asset performance.

Ridgefield is strategically located in the path of accelerating demand. The area is prepared for private sector investment and supported by a business-friendly public sector.

With a track-record of stronger-than-average demand and growth, investors can expect enhanced performance, capital conservation, growing returns and plentiful opportunities.

Investment Ready

A growing population seeking housing, goods and services make Ridgefield ripe for development. Ridgefield's local leadership understands the needs and challenges of the investor, reducing impediments to growth.

The City and Port of Ridgefield are good investment partners. The City lays the foundation to develop high-quality places to work, live and play through visionary action plans, an updated comprehensive plan, an efficient permitting process, flexible zones that adapt to market needs and advance investment in key infrastructure. The Port is a proven development partner working to support private sector investment and is seeking partners that share the vision and values of the City, Port and community.

Above all, we respect the risk investors take in helping to build our community.

Business Park and Surrounding Area
  1. Fast Facts

Because Ridgefield:

  • Is in the path of accelerating urban demand.
  • Has a public sector that understands time value of money.
  • Is a community that invests in itself, $230 million in public investments.

Because the path of growth is northward from Portland to Ridgefield:

  • Nearly 3,736 acres available zoned mixed-use, residential, commercial and light industrial.
  • Ridgefield is strategically located on I-5, the only Interstate Highway, from Canada to Mexico.
  • Major infrastructure in place.
  • No state income tax and a business-friendly tax structure.
  • Over 25% metro population growth in next 20-years.
  • 20 minutes to Portland, Oregon; 20 minutes to Portland International Airport and 2.5 hours south of Seattle.
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